Upcoming Confirmed Adam’s Mind Dates (as of Feb 11, 2015)

Upcoming Confirmed Adam’s Mind Dates (as of Feb 11, 2015)
<All shows cost less than $10 unless indicated>

Feb 13: Brantford Ontario Venue Charlie’s Bar With: The Nefidovs, Jackoyd, Falsehoods
March 13: Toronto, Ontario Venue: Bovine Sex Club With: K-Man and the 45’s + B Side Basterds
March 14: St Cathrines Venue: Merchant Ale House With: Marcellus Wallace
March 24: Hamilton Ontario Venue: Club Absinthe With: The Real Mackenzies
April 2: Toronto Ontario Venue: The Beirmarket With: Small Town Get Up
April 3: Oshawa Ontario Venue: The Atria With: The Beatdown

Adams mind with The Planet Smashers

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