Hey guys!
We are excited to announce a countdown to our first music video release!
This video will feature Track 7 from our album Visit Me, to be released in late summer 2017.
20 Days to release!



Our Next Show! Excited to be back after our long recording and songwriting break.


So many hours at Icecloud Studios…


Upcoming Confirmed Adam’s Mind Dates (as of Feb 11, 2015)

Upcoming Confirmed Adam’s Mind Dates (as of Feb 11, 2015)
<All shows cost less than $10 unless indicated>

Feb 13: Brantford Ontario Venue Charlie’s Bar With: The Nefidovs, Jackoyd, Falsehoods
March 13: Toronto, Ontario Venue: Bovine Sex Club With: K-Man and the 45’s + B Side Basterds
March 14: St Cathrines Venue: Merchant Ale House With: Marcellus Wallace
March 24: Hamilton Ontario Venue: Club Absinthe With: The Real Mackenzies
April 2: Toronto Ontario Venue: The Beirmarket With: Small Town Get Up
April 3: Oshawa Ontario Venue: The Atria With: The Beatdown

Adams mind with The Planet Smashers

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Nicolas the new tenor sax player. He is amazing.