Friends and Heros of Adam’s Mind

Mitch Girio

Slaughterhouse 754 Recording Studios

The Planet Smashers

Stomp Records

The Resignators

Frankie Foo and the Yo Yo Smugglers

Complete Listing Of Ska Shows In The Toronto And GTA Area


Panama Red

Now Playing Radio

The Bosswich

Small Town Get Up

Ghetto Blaster

Summercamp Productions

Collective Concerts

Rancho Relaxo

Homegrown Hamilton

Bovine Sex Club

Grossman’s Tavern

The Beatdown

Kman and the 45’s

MLA underground productions

The Spill

“Without you, there would only be us!”

Golden Toe Award (10+ shows)

Stephen Ochotta
Derek  Hess
Joseph Maloney
Ruth Daniel G
Sandra Pan
Christina Poon
Simon Poon


Silver Belly Award (6-9 shows)
Ofra Lauferman
Surani Perera
Roy Geebiv Zada
Brandon Rhodes
Adam Hochberg
Brittany Marie Schaefer
Chantal Crowe
Nicole Buston


Bronze Eye Ball Award (4-5 shows)
James Clark
Matt + Catt
Chris Icely
Spike Love
James Walker
Lauren Duffy
Salome Greenberg

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