Adam’s Mind Future

Hey guys Ronald here from Adam’s Mind, sorry we’ve been a bit quiet since the album release.  We are all friends still and live in Toronto. There were no hard feelings that caused the hiatus, just people wanting to pursue different aspects of life, projects, school, etc.


There are some talks of getting back together to play shows or write more music but we are still in discussion. There are no guarantees right now but if anything happens you will be the first to know!

We miss all of you guys and we hope to come back sometime in the future.

Ronald is still playing Ska Live! Check it!

Too Busy (Track #2)

Too Busy (Track #2)
From the Album Visit Me (2017)

Adam’s Mind is…

Ronald Poon (Vocals, Guitar, Organ, Bass)
Erik Lundquist (Drums, Vocals)
Daniel May (Bass, Guitar, Vocals)
Sebastian Demianczuk (Trombone)
Bobby Shaw (Tenor Saxophone)
Kasey Dean Sikora (Trumpet)

All music and lyrics by Ronald Poon.
Horn arrangements by Chris Icely, Ronald Poon, and Alexander Fecteau

Produced, Engineered, and Mixed by Chris Icely (Icecloud Studios – Toronto)
Drum Recording Engineers: Mitch Girio and Glen Slummerson (Slaughterhouse 754 – Toronto)
Mastering: Mitch Girio (The Slowcooker)
Album Artwork: Annemarie B